Stora Skuggan

Thumbsucker Eau de Parfum


Honey, Narcissus, Violet, Cherry, Himalayan Cedar, Bitter Almond, Styrax Balsam, Candle Wax.

The tale of Indra, King of Gods and Yuvanaswa, an ancient king, and his desire to bear a heir. Yuvanaswa accidentally drinking a potion intended for his wife, bears a child that he cannot feed. Indra slit his thumb, and because he was a god, his veins were filled with life-giving nectar. And so, he let the future king suck his thumb. And that is why babies, being born with the memory of their divine ancestors, still suck their thumbs.

30 mls Eau de Parfum

Oversized, architectural caps, and fantasy-inspired names, Stora Skuggan's perfumes are distinctive and eye-catching. The addition of playful mythologies or phenomenons around each scent makes them even more appealing for those who look to perfume for a sense of escapism.

Stora Skuggan is a Stockholm-based perfume studio that began as a project among five multidisciplinary creatives. Since launching in 2015 they have established themselves as a niche house that reimagines perfume-making.

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