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The Pair, Milky Rose, Mint & Banana
Sold outBonbonniere Mini, Ice Blue & Lavender
Bonbonniere Mini, Grapefruit & Banana
Bonbonniere Mini, Bubblegum & Spearmint
Bon Bon Medi, Cherry Jam & Popcorn
Bon Bon Mega, Rhubarb & Mint
Bonbonniere, Popcorn & Cherry Jam
Bonbonniere, Mint & Rhubarb
Bon Bon Cocktail with a Twist, Mint, Milky Rose & Cherry Jam
Candy Jar
Helle Mardahl
Candy Jar Sale price$3,177.00
Bon Bon White Wine
Bon Bon Red Wine
Bonbonniere, Grapefruit & Milky Rose
Bon Bon Mega, Milky Rose & Caramel
Sold outBon Bon Medi, Spearmint & Champagne
Jug with a Twist, Caramel Apple & Blueberry Ice Cream
Jug with a Twist, Red Cherry & Pink
Frosted Bon Bon Medi, Milky Rose & Plum
Bonbonniere, Orange & Blue Lollipop
Bonbonniere, Lime & Berry
Bonbonniere, Blue Lollipop & Banana
Bonbonniere, Pink & Violet
Bonbonniere, Creamy Melon & Blueberry Ice Cream
Bon Bon Mega, Blue Lollipop & Rhubarb
Bon Bon Mega, Honey & Pink
Sold outBon Bon Medi, Rhubarb & Pear
Frosted Bon Bon Mega, Almond & Berry
Frosted Bon Bon Medi, Berry & Blueberry Ice Cream
Bonbonniere, Pink Punch & Apple Punch
Bon Bon Medi, Blue Lollipop & Banana
Bon Bon Mega, Apple Punch & Pink Punch
Candy Dish Pair, Pink & Violet
Jug with a Twist, Cream & Creamy Melon


Helle Mardahl Studio operates at the intersection of art and functionality to create a dreamy universe of richly coloured glass designs of eccentric deviance. Influenced by nostalgic memories from childhood and iconic films such as Alice in Wonderland and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, the collection of glossy glass creates a conceptual candy universe of magic, dreams and indulgence.Β Her work is marked by a sense of lavishness and extravagance combined with a sense of flamboyance. As a designer, Helle Mardahl is concerned with the beauty of contrasts. Her richly coloured designs are alive and natural, fragile yet robust, simple yet ornate.