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Sonia Pant, Tweed
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Bias Skirt

Bias Skirt

Louie Crop

Louie Crop


Dominique Healy

Dominique Healy founded her label in 2017 after spending ten years working for a fabric wholesaler in New Zealand and Australia. Devoting any spare time to designing and constructing silhouettes from luxurious textiles that she had collected, to reflect her passion and love for the process of fabric through to a finished garment.

Working in the textile industry for many years equipped Dominique with the knowledge, courage and drive to take the plunge and start her own label, one with a strong commitment to supporting and promoting local and ethical clothing production.

Dominique Healy produces trans-seasonal pieces inspired by women. Each garment is carefully considered and constructed locally from high-quality fabrics, all made to stand the test of time.

A large part of what Dominique Healy loves about designing garments is the process of making them. Working directly with many makers over the years has contributed towards Dominique’s dedication to keeping a large proportion of her production in-house at her Melbourne studio. The remainder is produced in an ethically accredited factory in a Melbourne in a bid to keep the local industry alive. Without it, Dominique feels that a part of the magic of the fashion industry could be lost altogether.

When designing, Dominique endeavours to create patterns using as much of the fabric as possible to reduce textile waste. One of her staple designs, ‘Bella Blouse’ uses approximately 95% of the fabric when cutting. This isn’t always possible but is something Dominique considers when creating and cutting a pattern.