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Stora skuggan

eau de parfum

Oversized, architectural caps, and fantasy-inspired names, Stora Skuggan's perfumes are distinctive and eye-catching. The addition of playful mythologies or phenomenons around each scent makes them even more appealing for those who look to perfume for a sense of escapism.

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helle mardahl

candy creations

Helle Mardahl Studio operates at the intersection of art and functionality to create a dreamy universe of richly coloured glass designs of eccentric deviance. Influenced by nostalgic memories from childhood and iconic films such as Alice in Wonderland and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, the collection of glossy glass creates a conceptual candy universe of magic, dreams and indulgence.

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Kvium collection

In collaboration with raawii, Michael Kvium put down his paint brush and picked up the clay. Reflected in this collection is Michael’s idiom and unique surrealist expression, the sculptural pieces are not only a tangible manifestation of the artist’s vision but also utilitarian objects. Reinterpreted decorative and practical objects meant to form a significant centrepiece in a room.

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alumina lamp in sage

The Alumina Lamp, from London-based Tala, is a multi-functional light built from lightweight aluminium and finished in a range of colours. Alumina can be used as a table lamp or wall sconce to offer multiple display options, as well as dimming technology to set the mood, turning from warm to white lighting. 

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