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Your Favourite Stool is Back

arnold circus stool

Our most popular piece is back and available for pre-order now.

The Arnold Circus Stool from Martino Gamper. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and so versatile - a chair, a table, a pot plant, basket for throws or toys. Made from 100% recyclable plastic. Available in 12 different colours.

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helle mardahl

candy creations

Helle Mardahl Studio operates at the intersection of art and functionality to create a dreamy universe of richly coloured glass designs of eccentric deviance. Influenced by nostalgic memories from childhood and iconic films such as Alice in Wonderland and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, the collection of glossy glass creates a conceptual candy universe of magic, dreams and indulgence.

Available in-store and online now.

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AZALAI - The newest member at stora skuggan

The Azalai is a caravan route through the Ténéré region of the Saharan desert where camel trains have transported salt and gold for a thousand years. Along the route stood one single acacia tree, the only living thing in an ocean of sand. This was the most isolated tree in the world, 150 km from any other. This scent is as an olfactory impression of gold, with radiant warmth from saffron and blood orange, and the glossy, luxurious musk Velvione (a material that has been described as pressing the nose to the skin of a newborn’s scalp). Gum acacia, a syrup made from acacia sap, provides sugary sweetness balanced by salty amber and incense. A touch of mint tea and dried fruit pays homage to the Tuareg caravan riders.

Stora Skuggan is a Stockholm-based perfume studio that began as a project among five multidisciplinary creatives. Since launching in 2015 they have established themselves as a niche house that reimagines perfume-making.

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