Laura Itkonen

Itkonen mixes contrasting materials, techniques, textures and colours in bold combinations. From metallic surfaces on soft ceramics to rough chunks of red clay on delicate porcelain, the surprises keep coming. Rather than steer toward large-scale production, Itkonen embraces the beauty and imperfection she finds in one-of-a-kind pieces sculpted by hand.

Laura Itkonen is a designer, artist and material enthusiast living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Working widely in the field of design and art as well as in various spatial and visual design projects but her greatest passion is working with clay. The main focus of Laura's own work is on visually detailed, tactile architectural ceramics and on collectible, sculptural design. She believes, the most interesting place to work is in the intersection of art and design where she can also focus to investigate materials and their possibilities. All items from Laura Itkonen are made-to-order. 

Sculptural Series - Sculptural Series is an on-going collection of collectible design objects, small porcelain boxes bringing together art and function.