BDK Parfums

BDK Parfums was founded in 2016 by a French designer, David
Benedek, who is one of the youngest designer in the perfume industry
worldwide. He graduated from IFM (Institut Français de la
Mode) in 2012, where he chose to study perfume and raw materials with
professors and master perfumers from Givaudan. After his master, he
decided to continue the study of perfumery and took classes at Cinquième
sens, a reputable organisation where he learnt how to work on the
different olfactive families and facettes.

David wants people to choose their perfume as they choose a book in a
library, where everyone can find his own book. By wearing one of the BDK
Parfums fragrance and by reading the stories the brand invents, the
customers open their mind to an imaginary world.

BDK Parfums wants the customers to find a link between the fragrance
they choose and their imagination. BDK Parfums must empower everyone’s