Smoked Glass Tray, Square

The Glass base is an addition to your candle holder collection. The special mirror effect embraces the light and elegantly captures the reflections of the candle holders to emphasise their shape and sculptural features to perfection. The Glass base is made from solid coloured glass and has a thin felt layer on the underside to prevent your table from getting scratched. It comes in the colours smoked black and smoked brown in both a quadratic and a rectangular shape to fit your expression precisely.

Only 2 pieces in stock.

SQ - 27 x 27 cm
REC - 30 x 17 cm
Solid Coloured Glass
Felt Base

Danish design company ‘STOFF Copenhagen’ has resuscitated the iconic piece. With respect to the era of its infancy and its signature design, re-launching the timeless icon using Nagel’s original drawings. Now the STOFF Nagel candle holder heads back into homes, assuming its rightful position on mantels, bedsides and dinner tables worldwide. Hans Nagel and Werner Stoff’s dreams and the spirit of the age are revived and ready to delight design-loving generations to come.

Australia - $10
NZ - $20
UK & US - $40

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