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Egg Sculpture, Solid Ōamaru

Sale price$1,370.00

Textured, sculptural and weighty. The heaviest in our Egg range and also suitable for outdoors. The Ōamaru Egg Sculpture serves as an ornament for your shelf or coffee table, or functional and as a door stop. The limestone egg produces no waste. Any byproduct material produced in the making of this Egg is then ground up and on-sold to the New Zealand agriculture industry. Variances between each piece are to be expected and are reflective of the natural material. Eggs will not always be completely white. Any colour in the stone eggs is caused by oxidisation of the natural iron content from a naturally occurring chemical process that would have happened millions of years ago.

Egg Sculpture, Solid Ōamaru
Egg Sculpture, Solid Ōamaru Sale price$1,370.00