Blank Form

Common Tones


A selection of never-before-published interviews and conversations with the avant-garde’s leading lights across art, music and film - from Suicide to Anohni - by experimental music’s go-to interviewer, guitarist and sound artist Alan Licht. For the past 30 years, Alan Licht has been a performer, programmer and chronicler of New York’s art and music scenes. His dry wit, deep erudition and unique perspective have distinguished him as the go-to writer for profiles of adventurous artists across genres.

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12 x 17.8 cm

New York–based non-profit supports ephemeral art practices, with a focus on experimental music. In addition to public programming, Blank Forms publishes books touching upon music, art, poetry, psychoanalysis, mathematics, sci-fi and other esoterica.

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NZ - $20
UK & US - $40

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