PCM Design

Pepper Reversed Volume Bowl

$43.00 $57.00
Reversed Volumes is a collection of bowls designed by mischer’traxler in collaboration with PCM Design. These pieces are shaped by capturing the imprint of a fruit/vegetable. The space between a bowl and a subject is filled, once dried, the filling material has adopted the imprint of its container. Resulting in the imprint of the different fruits and vegetables being represented in detail from a new point of view.

Only 1 piece in stock.

11 x 7 cm
Food safe resin

PCM, a Spanish brand created in 2011, works with talented and young designers from the best design schools in Spain. Paloma Cañizares, architect and founder, is committed to creating a brand that displays the exquisite sensibility of simple, smart design from this decade. Their product selection has a strong relationship with local materials and skills, showcasing a new vision in design from a country full of traditions.

Australia - $10
NZ - $20
UK & US - $40

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