Fourth St.

Clay Water Pitcher, Lapis


Hand made Ceramic Water Pitcher in bold lapis colour with the slightest speckle detail. The interior has a clear glaze.  

Please note, these are water tight but slightly 'perspire,' as clay absorbs heat from water as part of the cooling process. Ayurveda recommends storing water in ceramic vessels as there are many health benefits, including clay being alkaline in nature. Storing water in clay helps to maintain the ph balance in our body.  

Only 1 piece in stock.

9.5cm x 28cm
Holds 1 Litre
Made for Fourth St in Rajasthan, India.

Fourth St offers you an edit of home accessories and antique pieces, mixing past and present effortlessly. The discovery of each designer or artisan leads founder Rukaiya Daud on many adventures, as she seeks out items that convey a true sense of artistry and have plenty to say.
Fourth St believes that we can be elevated by the objects we use and surround ourselves with. The interaction between different materials - especially the smooth and sophisticated, with those that are rougher around the edges - is a particular focus.

Australia - Free
NZ - $32
UK & US - $62

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