Radius Candle Holder

$39.50 $79.00
The Radius candle holder uses the circular shape as its main element. First as a base, second as a handle and third as a holder. With its circular shape, Radius inspires with its harmony and flawlessness. The simple construction makes it an elegant design suitable for any space. An honest take on a contemporary and modern candle holder.

Designed by Simon Morasi Piperčić for Woud

17 x 21 x 7.8 cm
Powder Coated Steel

Established in 2014, with a profound love for details and aesthetic appeal, Woud creates timeless and honest design with the ambition to express personalities, evoke feelings and inspire people. The envision of a collective of talented and established designers carrying the Scandinavian tradition into a new era of furniture design sparked the beginning. Woud strives to discover and develop new ideas and designs whether it being in form, function or choice of material while staying true to the simplicity and quality anchored in the Danish design heritage.

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