Otto Wagner BA

Once a realist and a visionary, an architect and a builder, Otto Wagner innovated a new era in building-making. Born in Vienna, the visionary architect made his presence felt - he pioneered the use of materials like glass, steel, and aluminium, in a ceaseless experimentation with form that would come to redefine Viennese structural identity, and urban architecture altogether.

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21 x 26 cm
Basic Art Series by Taschen

Sex. Art. Design. The urbane consumer now looks at a Wassily chair leg by Marcel Breuer in much the same way that he (or she) looks at a naked woman's leg by Helmut Newton. Visual and digital culture has bred the relaxed detachment of voyeurism.The Taschen catalogue reflects this. Think houses by Neutra and lilies by Redoute. Taschen books are beautiful, original and unpredictable. Run by husband and wife duo, Mr and Mrs Taschen, they have made Taschen a unique publishing house in a world where inventive notions struggle to survive in the swamp of corporate conglomeration.

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UK & US - $40

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