Dust & Form

Esse Vessel

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A form to prompt unity and settledness. 

The Esse Vessel is intended to balance stillness and tension. As the natural ebb and flow of life occurs, our actual being can remain constant and unaltered. Esse is one of the oldest Latin verbs “to be”.

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Hand Sanded Porcelain
Glossy Clear Glazed Interior
19 x 20 x 14 cm

Dust and Form is an exploration of temporary brilliance. Brielle Macbeth Rovito expresses this concept through sculptural forms and designed objects. Her pieces evoke curiosity and playfulness, acting as an invitation to savour the present moment. By lending elegant form to raw material, Dust and Form seeks to honour our journey from dust to dust. All pieces are made by hand in Burlington, Vermont, USA.

Australia - Free
NZ - $40
UK & US - $72

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