Thames & Hudson

Earth & Fire by Tiffany Johnson


Earth & Fire by Tiffany and Kylie Johnson.

From clay to kiln and everything in-between, this book is an exploration into the techniques and processes of over forty-five working ceramicists.

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23.7 x 27.7 cm

Thames & Hudson was founded in 1949 by Walter and Eva Neurath. Their passion and mission was to create a ‘museum without walls’ and to make the world of art and the research of top scholars accessible to a large reading public.

Thames & Hudson Australia was established in Melbourne in 1970, to represent the Thames & Hudson list in Australia & New Zealand and to make the books produced in London more accessible to a local readership. Quickly establishing itself as one of the region’s leading publishers of illustrated visual arts books, the Australian company has grown to expand its local publishing program of books by Australian and New Zealand authors for a domestic and international market.

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