Soberscover Press

Bullets for Dead Hoods

Anonymously assembled and found in a thrift store, this dossier gives an unprecedented and intimate lowdown on the Chicago mafia. Writer, curator, and gallerist John Corbett struck thrift gold at a going-out-of-business Chicago junk shop when he stumbled onto a browned and brittle manuscript intimately documenting the Chicago mob of the early 1930s. The tone of its typewritten and hand-annotated pages immediately grabbed him, sensationalistic and funny, they read like an embellished police blotter, naming names, listing addresses, and recounting crimes. In addition to the full-colour manuscript, Bullets for Dead Hoods includes related documentary material, an introduction by John Corbett, a compilation of more than 400 locations referenced in the manuscript, and a pull-out map of Chicago that pinpoints hundreds of street addresses. Published by Soberscove Press.

22.2 x 29.8 cm

Soberscove Press is a Chicago-based independent press that publishes books about art and culture. Soberscove was founded by Julia Klein in 2009 with a focus on making art historical materials accessible to a non-specialist audience; this concern continues in the books they publish today and has expanded to include cultural materials that fall outside of the realm of art history.

Australia - $10
NZ - $20
UK & US - $40

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