Sophie Lou Jacobsen

Bilboquet Carafe, Amber & Lilac

$200.00 $250.00
A borosilicate glass carafe that combines a graphic design while letting the vagaries of craftsmanship shine through. A piece to embellish your table or simply to display, or any other use you can think of from NYC-based designer Sophie Lou Jacobsen.

15 x 24 cm
Borosilicate Glass

Sophie Lou Jacobsen is a product designer whose work focuses on enhancing the enjoyment of everyday objects. Using design as a tool for analysing modern rituals, she aims to alter perspectives and ultimately mood through her work. After having spent the first 10 years of design trajectory between London and Paris, Sophie is now based in New York City, and designs objects, graphics, and spaces.

Australia - Free
NZ - $20
UK & US - $40

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