Laura Itkonen

Unique B52 No.2

Sculptural Series Unique B52 No.2

Sculptural Series is an on-going collection of collectible design objects, small porcelain boxes bringing together art and function.

Cup: glossy light coral
Lid: glossy gold, a unique green decor on top w/ golden ball

Coming soon to Sayers Home. For any enquiries, please send us a message via our contact page or email us at

6 cm diameter (height varies according to sculpture on top)
Porcelain hand-sculpted and 3D printed
Minor differences and hand marks are natural due to the handmade nature of the piece

Itkonen mixes contrasting materials, techniques, textures and colours in bold combinations. From metallic surfaces on soft ceramics to rough chunks of red clay on delicate porcelain, the surprises keep coming. Rather than steer toward large-scale production, Itkonen embraces the beauty and imperfection she finds in one-of-a-kind pieces sculpted by hand.

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