tautanz was born out of the desire for eco-friendly goods with a modern and elegant aesthetic. tautanz officially launched in Amsterdam 2019.
While travelling around the globe, founder Isabel Theissen was inspired to explore natural linen as more sustainable and luxurious alternative for homeware products. Based near Porto at the time, she connected with local manufacturers who still honour artisan craftsmanship to develop a line of luxurious, eco-friendly bath accessories. 

tautanz is a fictional German word (tau = dew | tanz = dance), describing a pure and joyful moment of dew drops dancing on the grass in the early morning hours.

Our natural soaps are handmade by experienced pharmacists in Portugal using an artisan cold-press method. This process preserves the properties of raw materials and is the most traditional and sustainable way of producing soaps.

They are all-natural, ph-balanced with no artificial perfumes, preservatives, or added colors. All soaps are vegan.

To ensure premium quality and support local producers, the ingredients for our natural soaps are sourced in the heart of Portugal.