Cinnamon Projects

Established as a platform for collaboration with emerging creative industry independents and brands, Cinnamon Projects is the creative agency formed by Andrew Cinnamon and Charlie Stackhouse.

Degrees in Architecture, Graphic Design, Photography and Sculpture combined with professional experience in luxury advertising, fashion and retail have allowed us the opportunity to hone instincts and define a diverse skillset and distinct shared perspective.

Crafted by hand, their incense burners embody a minimalist philosophy with a rich yet quiet sculptural design. Their luxury Japanese style offering is inspired by the rituals of the Koh-Do incense ceremony.

CP fragrance oils are handcrafted using premium ingredients in NYC. 'Our scents reflect our attempt to distill and translate images into an ephemeral, sensorial format,’ says Cinnamon, ’We discovered different hours had incredibly distinct patterns of colour, texture and, especially, subject matter.’